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I left off in my accounting of “Starting Up My Start-Up” blogging chapters many moons ago. Things have grown exponentially and I’ve failed to circle back to fill you in on every sleep-inducing detail.

There comes a time in the life of every start-up when they have to say “It’s time to grow up a little bit.”

But not too much.

A few months ago I re-focused efforts on creating a marketing campaign that would reach directly to consumers, namely expectant fathers, “expectant” grandparents, and expectant mothers (not necessarily in that order.” After trundling along slowly building up my nascent company, it was time to take the action straight to the people. Marketing was the way.

So, with the help of a friend with far superior programming and marketing sills than I have, we put together an Active Campaign, which means an automatic flow of marketing tools like mass letter formats and automated campaigns to engage potential consumers. But as we put that together, we began to realize my website wasn’t working optimally.

In all honesty, that means nothing to me. I’m like “If the website’s  pretty, that’s enough, right?”

I’m ridiculous.

It turned out my website was tremendously slow. We tweaked, we prodded. Still no luck. I had no idea the intricacies of measuring a website’s efficacy – like using sites like  to measure the speed of your site. Very few websites are genuinely fast. Like Ford Motor Company and Chanel fashion might not actually be fast. But at least they rate a C (on a scale of A-F).
I was definitely an F. Perhaps a D if it had rained the night before.

So we set out to re-construct the website.

Reaching out to independent contractors on UpWork was fascinating. There are so many ways to get something done, these days – internationally. I know that’s probably old news to most of you. But to m? I was blown away. And people half way around the world totally take you up on commission offers.
So after a q&a period of a week, we chose a team overseas to put together my new website.

Oh, but wait. We needed new photographs. I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many different photographers over the years, each with their own style and experience. I’d never before worked with someone specializing in fashion accessory photography, though. That takes skill. (I guess?) I jest. Truly. Taking a picture of food or a bag is definitely a skill. You can tell the different between spectacular photography and “really?” photography.

All photographed eggs benedicts are not the same.

(All of the photography on the site are significantly new and improved., Thanks, Brian McDougall.

A few short weeks later, I had a slick, new site.

Please check it out.

Oh, wait. You’re already here. Well…please go click around and check out the fantastic new photography.

And for reading to the end, here – I’ll give you a coupon code: readtothend). Cuz having a new site makes me feel all the more giddy and generous. Feel free to share it with your expectant friends, be they expectant Gen Z’ers, X’ers, millennials, or boomers.

(More likely the boomers are expectant grandparents…which we love! “Makes an excellent gift!)

Thanks for reading and following this journey.

Can we interest you in a bag to help move us beyond merely starting up my start-up website?

Most important, thank you, Tom Shoemaker, for making all of it happen.