My kids gobble salad. It was an expectation we accidentally set at an early age. First off, they always expected something green on their plates.

I prepared this salad multiple times a week. When he reached eighteen months, my kid wanted was curious to eat the toasted hazelnuts out of the salad. And I was a selfish SOB and didn’t want to share my hazelnuts. I felt like the greatest gastronomic sacrifice I needed to make as a father was to let my kid have the last bite of a donut. And I made that sacrifice happily. But seriously, dude – hands off my hazelnuts!

So in order for my kid to “earn” the hazelnuts, they had to have a bite of kale between nuts.

Pretty soon, they were eating their own salad portions - hazelnuts, kale & all (though usually not the red onion. "Daddy! They're spicy!"

That's fine. We'll work up to the red onions.


 1 Kale
 Olive Oil
 ½ cup Hazelnuts - crushed and toasted
 ½ cup Parmesan cheese - grated
  Red Onion - minced to your taste (optional. Lots of people don't like red onion. I love their addition to this salad, though. So when it's about me....when isn't it?...I relish them.)
 1 Poached egg. Or Boiled. Or whatever. It's a fun option.



Crush hazelnuts and set to toast on medium heat.
Strip kale from stem.
Cut kale into small strips with kitchen scissors.
Toss with olive oil.
Toss with cheese.
Add toasted hazelnuts (you'll know they're ready when slightly browned and smelling delicious.)
Top with red onion.
Serve over and over and over again.

Easy Baby Foodie Recipes: Kale Salad