Our Story


When Gavin Lodge and his partner were expecting their first son, Gavin's highest hope was for the perfect diaper bag. (Well, first for a healthy baby, then the perfect bag.) To carry diapers, creams, bottles and blankets around New York City, he hoped to rock a bag that declared, “Check me out. I love being a dad.” But every "dad" bag was either too flowery or too schlumpy. From this fashion annoyance, E.C. Knox was born. 

Before babies and bags, Gavin grew up in Denver, balancing culture and ruggedness – a community theatre performer and a mountain biker, a singer and a swimmer, a dancer and a spaz. He went on to study International Affairs at the University of Colorado before hopping on board a presidential campaign. Emboldened by the hell that is political campaigns, Gavin threw caution (and rationale) to the wind to pursue a theatre career in New York City. 
Two kids, one dog and four Broadway shows later, Gavin pours his creative heart into his fashion start-up (while still auditioning for TV and Broadway…any takers?) He balances city culture with outdoor adventures...dragging his whiny kids every step of the way. 

Giving Back

E.C. Knox donates 3% of all profits to the It Gets Better Project and Live Out Loud: charities supporting honest self-expression for all children .