So for some fashion talk, there’s a LITTLE detail I’ve kept under wraps for a few weeks…ECKnox is on Maisonette. But wait for it…

Before moving to New York City, Barneys didn’t even register on my radar. I was no fashionista, though I liked dressing stylishly. But Barneys didn’t figure into my fashion priorities.

I can barely recall hearing of Barneys before seeing the Sex and the City episode in which Carrie’s dating the politician and he asks “what district are you in?” and Carrie responds with charming ignorance, “The one closest to Barneys?”

I couldn’t find that actual clip. But I swear that was the quote. Anyway, enjoy this random scene of SJP and John Slattery.

At that point, I realized this nebulous store was the cool one referenced on SATC.

The year I was in a Broadway show and got to purchase tickets to attend the Tonys (mind you – I wasn’t performing at them) I asked the guys in my dressing room where I needed to shop to feel special for attending said awards show.

Everyone categorically said “Barneys.”

So I went to Barneys and, though I expected it to cost an arm and a leg, the salesmen helped me find something elegant, unique, and only cost an arm and half a leg.

It felt really good. And I looked great.

A decade later, when my very first fashion accessory design was accepted and displayed at Barneys, there was no greater feather in my cap.

As a branding friend of mine said, “Your company might or might not survive, but you get to write ‘I designed something in Barneys’ and put that on your tombstone, and very few people get to say that.”

The best diaper bag for dads definitely deserved to be at the best/coolest store in New York City.

Barneys was always known for finding new trends and incubating up-and-coming designers. There was no other store like it.

Well, as we know, Barneys didn’t fare well in this new retail environment and it’s gone belly-up, leaving a void of retail and real estate in the NYC landscape.

But now, folks – ECKnox is thrilled to let you know we’ve moved onward and upward.

ECKnox, making the best diaper bag for dads, is now available on

And Maisonette is better than Barneys.

Maisonette was founded by former Vogue editors, Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia who sought a higher level of unique style in their children’s wardrobes.

According to their website, Maisonette elegantly aggregates the best children’s products from around the world, creating an expertly curated shopping experience for you and a superior platform for mini-me designer brands and off-the-beaten-path boutiques alike. Think of us as your shortcut to fashion for short people.

And yes – that was a strong cut-and-paste job, there. But they say it best.

And now the best and/or coolest diaper bag for dads is available, well…in that elegant aggregate.

And they deliver to all legislative districts – including yours and the one nearest Barneys.