Recipes to Make Your Baby a Foodie: greenies

My kids eat vegetables. Lots of vegetables.

Well, most of the time. Some of the time? Under duress?

Whatever and however they eat them, they eat them.

We set the stage for them “eating their colors” from the beginning of eating solids. And this recipe for what we called “greenies” was integral. (No trademark infringement implied. Let’s leave it lower-case for the distinction from these.) We fed them a greenie probably 1-2 times a day. And back then, they loved them.

I beg you to incorporate this at the beginning of your expansion from breast milk/formula.

greenies ingredients

1/2 bunch chopped kale

1 huge handful spinach (packaged baby spinach might be easiest)

1/2 Cup frozen pease (preferably baby peas or “petit pots” - as pretentious as that sounds, they’re the sweetest and add big flavor)

1 Tablespoon minced garlic (1-2 cloves)

1-2 sprigs basil leaves

1-2 sprigs Italian leaves (flat leafed parsley - not that crunchy crap cafeterias leave on your plate for “color”)

2 big glugs of olive oil (2-4 Tablespoons)

1/2 Cup water, breast milk, formula, or rice cereal. This is tor your taste and preference for consistency. Or just leave it out. You’re in charge.

1/2 Cup roasted potatoes (optional)

greenies directions

Steam KALE 4 minutes

While kale steams, wash and pick BASIL and PARSLEY leaves.

Add FROZEN PEAS and GARLIC to steaming kale, 1 minute.

Add BASIL, PARSLEY and SPINACH to steamer. Let steam only long enough for spinach to wilt, but retain a beautiful bright green (1 minute, give or take)

Remove all ingredients to food processor or mixing bowl. Add OLIVE OIL (and POTATOES, if using). Use hand mixer or food processor to blend ingredients to your desired consistency. Think chunky pancake mix, not a soup. This is to expose your children to flavors and texture.

Serve right away, but freeze most of it in ice cube trays. Once frozen, feel free to dump frozen cubes into freezer bag to free up ice cube trays.

When ready to use, microwave 20-40 seconds, stir, and then hand the spoon to your baby to make a mess (and taste).

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