Eleven MORE Ways to Compare NYC & LA…the endless insecurity continues…

Introducing the Best Daddy Diaper bag to SoCal…let the inferiority complex begin…

I’m not even a native New Yorker, but I’ve been here awhile. And disclaimer: I’ve never lived in LA. But I, too, enter the debate. Seeing both cities from an actor’s perspective, each city looks down on the other. Ditto from the fashion perspective. But from a baby industry perspective, they both have pregnant couples. So: bi-coastal bonus!

I journeyed to LaLaLand, last week - mainly to introduce SoCal to the best diaper bag for dads, and also to…

·     Meet a new branding consultant I’ve taken on to help blow ECKnox up and onto the radar of fashionistas and new parents across the country.

·     Visit several stores I only knew by their websites, meet the owners, and hopefully get some sales. (Enchanté, Couture Kids! Can’t wait to work with you. Loved meeting you, Caro Bambino. Can’t wait to send some samples. RIP, Petit Trésor. You were a winner.)

·     Sell a few TV pilot scripts I’ve written…because this daddy gets bored with just one project in his life.

·     And shovel as much good Mexican food in my mouth as possible. #LAcaloriesdontcount.

(Aaaand…in honor of the five new stores I visited in Los Angeles, I’m offering a completely arbitrary 17% off of swaddling blankets, this week. Because you know you need those. Use code “NYCLA” for this offer on .)

So let the coastal comparing begin…

Like any good New Yorker (or Angelino) I couldn’t stop comparing the two cities’ personalities. I laughed constantly at the discrepancies and differences between the people, the cities and their styles. So please indulge my NYC-tinted paradigm as I recount a few differences that struck me:

1.    Commuters. Angelinos drive 45 minutes for a “quick” outing that’s only 10 miles away. This struck me as absurd. But upon reflection, New Yorkers commute 45 minutes, as well, to go like…2 miles. Seriously – to visit my best friend on the Upper East Side from my apartment downtown takes at least 40 minutes. He’s 2 miles away.

2.    Furthermore -


(Meanwhile, my LA friends were like, “Sure. I’ll zip over to see you. Should only take 45 minutes.)

3.    Impulsive picture taking on mass-vistas. I couldn’t help but document hikes and meals and walks with quintessentially Californian skies and wines. Since my only “kid” with me was, well…a daddy diaper bag…I let the pictures flow. (And the bag didn’t protest my inefficient photography skills.)

4.    Weirdos. There just aren’t enough professional weirdos in the workplace in Los Angeles. So many people look like they’re fabulously movie star-adjacent (I counted thousands of abs on the hikers when I took my jaunt up Runyon Canyon.) But weirdness and eccentricity were lacking. It was strangely comformist. Of coursethere’s self-expression, there. (But NYC takes expression to another level.)

5.     Equalization. Because everyone’s so stuck together in NYC, you see everything on a daily basis. The streets subways of New York are like jury duty – all the cross-currents of humanity come together to have their human experience all together. But the LA car culture separates the haves from the have-lesses.



Spontaneous hiking, tho…

…brings the have-abs right alongside the no-abs. This is simultaneously thrilling and tremendously depressing.

7.    Proximity. Unless I’m flying out of JFK or climbing the Empire State Building (once every 8 years), I forget that NYC is a series of islands (except the Bronx, I know, people: calm down). In LA, when you drive up hills, you can see the ocean (way, way, waaaaaay off in the distance.)

Waaaaaay off through the smog and beyond the hills, I SWEAR I saw water…

Waaaaaay off through the smog and beyond the hills, I SWEAR I saw water…

8.    Fresh air. New Yorkers spend immense amounts of time walking in the outdoors to get INSIDE– and escape the extreme heat or extreme cold or rain for 11 months of the year. For that one month that we go outside in sidewalk cafes, it’s glorious and makes us reallyappreciate the change of seasons. Angelinos drive in their cars (having walked about 200 feet outdoors) to drive to a location where they’ll hike outdoors or sit outdoors or shop outdoors. It’s just not fair. They don’t get the value of seasons because it’s always heaven in SoCal – creating a false sense of security and pleasure. 

9.    Ripe everything. I ducked into a grocery store and noticed that every single mango, melon, berry and avocado was ripe and luscious. Again furthering the false sense of paradise existence for the Angelinos…probably making the people as soft and ripe as the fruit.

10.New York never gives you downtime. LA seems to thrive on downtime. And zen. And oceans. And waves. While visiting a store in Malibu, I had to take a break on the beach…leading to the need for pictures…leading me to point out why the ECKnox is the best daddy diaper bag on the market: water resilience (translation - easy to wipe up spills and baby thrills (or ocean waves, too…seriously…it stayed dry inside from my spontaneous “photo shoot”.)

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11.Mexican food. ‘nuff said.

Sigh. Yeah – life’s too good in LA. How can anyone get anything done? Who wants to be pampered so much you feel like a ripe avocado? I’ll take the hardened exteriors of fruit and people, thank you very much. My cynicism and allergy to the incessant outdoors feels more comfortable amongst the weirdos of the NYC subway, for now.

For four days I walked around, daddy diaper bag slung across my chest, thinking “I want to move immediately” and then on day five thought, “Nope. I just wanna be as bicoastal as I wanna.” Here’s to secreting that into action.

(Oh, and I didn’t sell my TV pilot. Yet.)