Black Bags/The Binary/Bodaciousness/Samoas

Hi, All. Been a week. But when isn’t it? I found myself responding to many emails utterly after-the-fact and tried not to apologize multiple times for being so late, each time being reminded of some self-care meme I saw that said, “we’re all busy. And in the age of the internet and social, our attention is pulled in all directions. So rather than apologizing for taking so long, how about just say ‘thank you for your patience in my response.’”

I like that. I employed it.

My black bag, THE MADISON, with black stripes is officially on the Barneys website (and my own, for that matter.) I’m particularly proud of this li’l sophisticate. It’s my first departure for interior designs with a pink executive tie stripe interior. I think of it as the go-to for dads (and moms!) of daughters.

Leading to my next thought about “The Binary”. I believe in a non-binary world. Before my brave, wonderful first-born taught me about gender fluidity and the non-binary world when s/he was, oh, five, I thought in binary terms…like most of our country and culture and world. But now that I’m raising a child who’s…I dunno…figuring it outside of easy definition, it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable labeling this new bag (The Madison) a bag for parents of daughters. Why does a pink interior need to be for parents of daughters? Why not be of sons? Why need The Original be so automatically masculine?

I started my company as that for baby gear for stylish dads. And yet in no way need these bags be reserved for dads and in no way do the colors need to be for parents of boys or girls.

And yet…I’m thinking in utopian terms. I’m a step to the Left in terms of gender activism. I can't expect an entire baby consumer marketplace to conform to that. We are UBER/HYPER binary in this realm. I’ll do my part. But in the meantime, it’d be nice to sell some bags.

On the “badaciousness” of my alliterative title, my kids’ school benefit bash was this weekend and I got to sing with the parent band. I sang (among other songs) “Walk This Way”. As I struggled for a week to re-memorize lyrics I thought I knew back in the 80’s (er…90’s), I was horrified by the sexism of the song. I mean…you just can’t sing these words, anymore, ESPECIALLY at a super-woke West Village elementary school. But…everyone was game. I ended up focusing on the RunDMC version of the lyrics since they were actually significantly “cleaner” than the original Aerosmith version. Still…I love the jam of that famous guitar pattern and I love the thrust of the beat. It’s a great song. But oh, those lyrics. Talk about the heyday of 80’s hair bands.

Also? It’s Girl Scout cookie season. I could inhale an entire box of Samoas (despite the questionable name…talk about “woke”, I know. But seriously. Probably should change.) Anyway, yeah. Samoas. Glory and guilt-free. Even if I eat all 1500 calories in 15 minutes. Never a diminishing rate of return on those puppies.

Have a great week…

Gavin Lodge