Making rookie mistakes, but just livin' parenting life...

Building a company is not for the feint of heart, y’all. Friends of mine said, ‘This is a great idea you’ve got, but it won’t grow quickly.” As with many aspects of my life, I heard this warning, smiled and agreeably nodded, and quickly dismissed it thinking the rules didn’t apply to me. 

But I continue to make fascinating connections and forge ahead.

I’m excited to say the ECKnox is going to be featured in a fancy coffee table book  entitled Our Royal Baby, which will be all about Meghan Markle’s and Prince Harry’s baby. The publishing house in London that produces the book sought my company out as being on-brand with the modern royal couple. I was floored and flattered and confused, I mean…how did you find me? Apparently I’m doing something right.

I also made a massively rookie mistake and failed to pay attention to my inventory. What was I thinking? Er, um…I wasn’t. So I had to make another order of navy blue bags (The Classic) that won’t be available until June or July. Ugh. But there’s still plenty of black bags with pink interiors, white bags with gold stripes, and grey bags with blue/red stripes. So fear not – you can get in on that.

In fact – special tip – the grey bag will be the one featured for the royals (given the blue and red stripes looking like a 1960’s British roadster and the colors of the British flag.)

So it’s been an eventful week, as always, along with my kids’PTA online auction that I’m running. I love keeping busy, but I could definitely stand to have some more cash coming my way (or any cash, for that matter.)

All in due time.

On the “I sure spent a bunch of money, this week” side, I had a great time with my kids as we took advantage of beautiful sun and went to a rocky beach with my kids. They ran in the open sun and clambered over seaweed-covered rocks and screamed in the wind and we had a fantastic time. As a college student, I dreamed of being ‘that guy with a jeep and a dog”, although I really envisioned myself as the guy with a jeep and a dog on the Pacific Coast. I suppose I should’ve been more specific with my magic of believing. Nevertheless, I am that guy with a beat-up old Jeep we used to our getaway shack in Connecticut, a dog and, oh, the two most wonderful likes in the world (next to yours, of course.) My cup runneth over. 

Now about that fashion start-up…

Have a wonderful week, y’all…

Gavin Lodge