An ECKnox Father’s Day Giveaway!

So it’s almost Father’s Day, y’all! I’m going to give you a chance to win the latest ECKnox creation: the “Colton Weekender”. Read on:

I probably should’ve been waaaay more focused on this momentous daddy day during this, my first official year of business with a product to sell.

Oh, well. I’m doing my best. And I’m learning that running a company can never be on my normal last-second schedule. I need to plan plan plan.

I’ve run just a couple mini-campaigns that help focus my normally-frenetic attention

But I’m still feeling good about my nascent start-up. And I’ve got a few things to crow about.

I’ve been featured this week in two publication gift guides: Departures Magazine and Grown and Flown parenting blog site. Couldn’t be more thrilled. Imagine what I could do if I had help or weren’t distracted by field days, class trips or...oh, yeah, intense rehearsals for a new Broadway show.

At any rate, Father’s Day: I’m doing a giveaway for your choice of bag, including the new “Colton Weekender”, which is hopefully on the website by the time you read this. guarantees. Check back. (See the aforementioned bit about my last-minute tendencies). I don’t have a demo video for it, yet, but below are pix. It’s a winner. I’ve loved carrying my own. Join me on the journey...

(or just get a diaper bag!) 





The Colton Weekender

The Colton Weekender


Daddy’s stuff on top... 


Baby’s stuff on bottom... 


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