Thank You for Inspiring Us, Kate Spade

I don’t own anything by Kate Spade and I knew little of her before listening to this podcast on “How I Built This” (which is an amazing podcast).

But if I can unexpectedly call myself a designer and entrepreneur, her story has resonated with me deeply since listening to her and her husband. She’s been present and influential since I’ve tuned my creative impulses to bags and accessories. She didn’t expect to be a designer, she followed whims and instincts, but originally she just wanted to be a journalist. She was a problem-solver and didn't let convention or doubts or nay-sayers stop her. She defied convention and created things that were beautiful to her, not just what others made. That's inspiration. 

Her passing affects me in unexpected ways. Suicide is just so epically sad. Even those at the heights of success may often be the most possessed by demons. It’s a reminder that success is pervertedly measured in our society and that our mental health and interpersonal connections are more important than any material object.

I feel so bad for Andy their daughter and family and friends.

Give this a listen and take time to reflect on whatever fulfills you and makes your life beautiful.

Gavin Lodge