A Finale. Sorta.

So Tracy, my latest fashion unicorn, hooked me up. 

I immediately emailed the contact at Barneys and, miraculously, they got back to me and scheduled a 15-minute presentation. Other friends told me it was a massive coup to even get the meeting. I was psyched.

I walked into my presentation, the biggest “audition of my life.” The baby buyer and her assistant were professional and expressionless – not unlike the infinite auditions I’ve given to a room of people paid to sit and judge. (I’d be so good at that job. So good.)

I ran through the elements of my bag – backpack conversion, integrated flashlight, quick access to wipes. 

I finished in about 6 minutes (record time for an only-child actor who can easily talk about himself ad nauseum – and not alwaysin 3rdperson).

The buyer looked me straight in the face and, in the most unimpressed, non-plussed, over-it fashion imaginable, says, “In my 25 years of baby buying at Barneys, this is the best diaper bag I’ve ever seen.”

I didn’t have a moment to react, as she then asked, “What’s the price?”

I slid over my line sheet.

And then she laughed in my face.

I thought I was golden. Most men’s bags startat $800 on the Barneys website. How couldn’t this one with literal bells and whistles not retail for that much?

“No, sorry. It’s a different market. Diaper bags don’t go for that much. We have a Dolce & Gabbana bag on our floor we’ve marked down from $650. It just doesn’t sell.”

(I held my judgmental tongue from lambasting the unimaginable gold bling that would probably hang from a D&G diaper bag. Tacky.)

She went on, “Go make your wholesale price your retail price, and come back to us.”

Elated, jovial, stunned, emotional, and exhausted, I walked out of the biggest audition of my life a success…with a caveat. 

Now, I needed to figure out how to drop my bag’s price in half. 

I have to leave it there. It’s time for me to close the chapter of my little “Starting Up A Start-Up” series and move to Father’s Day. 

Along the way, I’m learning so much about how I have to plan FAR in advance for every step of this entrepreneurial path. I’m already behind in Father’s Day outreach, but I think it’s still do-able. I need to move to summertime promotion and outreach to different demographics and shift into a higher gear for the other elements of this company I’m hoping to create. 

So I’ll return to the story, til now. But you’re basically there. Pardon me as I drop this series of projects in favor of racing to the next to try to stay a half-step ahead of my own curve.

Kinda ridiculous that I summed up my meeting at the coolest, most chic department store in NYC in a half page. But poetic, as well – since another friend highlighted for me the fact that getting in Barneys is an incredible feat (which I couldn’t have done on my own) and is certainly brag-worthy. But NOWthe hard part begins: keeping this puppy alive for the next 18 months.

So I’m heading there, right now. I’ll write more. In the meantime, tell your friends about the company and message me for steep “friends & family & blog-reader” discounts.

All the best for living with style,