Our (Brief) Story

Gavin Lodge (Broadway actor and stylish dad) wanted a slick, masculine diaper bag when he was expecting his first child; a bag stating “I’m proud to be a new dad, but I haven’t lost my sense of style.” Such a bag didn’t exist. So he created it, himself.

After much trial and error, networking and coffee dates (often on playgrounds), Gavin’s first product,  “The Ellison Carryall ,” was launched and is now available online and at chic boutiques across the country. While the designer daddy diaper bags are the foundation of the brand, E.C.Knox plans to be a lifestyle company for stylish parenting. Our core mission is to be first in mind when fathers think of everyday fashion and parenting.

Small but mighty, the ECKnox team is eager to bring style and function to dads (and moms!) around the world. We are passionate about our mission and eager to hear from you.


Gavin Lodge

Founder, Creator, Designer, Writer, Distractor

Gavin wants to raise his kids to be kind and smart, hopes to grow up to be Terry Gross, longs to train across India, and loves binge-watching TV.

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Gemma Touchstone

Consultant and Do-er

Gemma has been everywhere and done everything. For reals: check her out. Currently, she's whipping ECKnox into shape to take on the world.


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