“…a modern alternative to the quilted, flowery versions on the market.”

meet the Ellison diaper bag

 4 colorways


navy.  black leather accents.


white.  gold leather accents.


black.  black leather accents.


gray.  blue & red leather accents.

the E.C.Knox advantage

meet the Weekender

100% organic baby swaddles

Light as air. Superior breathabilty. Pack of three.

The ancient practice of swaddling...

…means snugly wrapping a baby in a thin blanket or sheet.

Done correctly, it may help soothe your baby and reduce excessive crying.

100% organic cotton with designs in non-toxic print.

Bold color designs reflect the ECKnox aesthetic and provide visual stimulation for your baby.

One of “The Best Travel Backpacks”

– FamilyTraveler.com

“Easy to clean, roomy, comfortable to carry, and highly functional, our bags have a style that works for both mom and dad.”

Gavin Lodge, E.C.Knox Founder/Designer/Creator

10 Best Children’s Books about Sexuality

Sooner than later we need to talk about sex with our kids - and by that I mean sexuality - and for that I have the 10 best children's books about sexuality. Nope, not talking about sexual intercourse, don’t worry. (Although all these conversations should start earlier...

Mother’s Day For Two Dads

A few years ago I was reminded of the unexpected realization that Mother's Day for two dads is always kind of an issue. I was at the playground with my kid when he found a toy and wanted to take it home. It was a broken robot I’d wager was abandoned. I told him he...

Mom’s Night Off? Not when You’re a Gay Dad

When I first became a dad, I didn't expect to be forced to out myself as gay, but since everyone assumes you're straight (understandably) because when you're on your own with the baby, people ask, "Oh, is it Mom's night off?" (Funny how society also uses the phrase,...

Feeding my Kids at the Happiness

Feeding my kids happiness is one of my highest parenting priorities. Usually that means foods that make me happy. Sometimes it's theirs. If there was any doubt, let me shuffle-ball-change out of the closet loud and proud: I’m a food snob. I wholeheartedly embrace...

Positivity in the Time of COVID

So many reminders that no matter how shitty this COVID-19 is, we can choose to be positive.

5 Ways to Raise Happy Children in 2020 (Even During CV19)

If you read no further, here's the cliff's notes in 5 ways to raise happy children in 2020: Maintain your awe. Stop, contemplate, think, reflect. Understand fairness and justice. Manage expectations a little bit Cultivate gratitude (Read on for a bonus! Insert...

Best Educational Movie Musicals for Kids

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all looking for ways to pass of educating to someone else...and why not with the best educational movie musicals for kids? Occasionally musical theatre is the best story-telling medium to contextualize and educate kids and adults...

How to Cut Your Kid’s Hair (COVID-19 Desperation)

Trust me – never did I imagine planning to say "here's how to cut your kid's hair." I do NOT recommend cutting your own kid’s hair, least of all short hair…which tends to be more tedious than a long. But CV19 is leading us to be resourceful like none of us in the...

Best Books About Gender for Kids in 2020

We are so lucky to be raising children in 2020 and easily find the best books about gender for kids- in an era when their self-expression is supported and celebrated. Further, there is a growing body of books out there normalizing kids who might not conform to archaic...

10 Best of COVID-19 Film Festival for Families

Our 10 best of COVID-19 Film Festival for families includes movies that entertain parents and expand the kids' world. That's the E.C.Knox standard. (And Disney need not apply.) When venturing beyond the Disney/Minions/blockbuster realm, movies get more nuanced and...

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Gavin Lodge (Broadway actor and stylish dad) wanted a slick, masculine diaper bag when he was expecting his first son; a bag stating “I’m proud to be a new dad, but I haven’t lost my sense of style.” Such a bag didn’t exist. So he created it, himself.

After much trial and error, networking and coffee dates.

Often on playgrounds.

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