“…a modern alternative to the quilted, flowery versions on the market.”

meet the Ellison diaper bag

 4 colorways


navy.  black leather accents.


white.  gold leather accents.


black.  black leather accents.


gray.  blue & red leather accents.

the E.C.Knox advantage

meet the Weekender

100% organic baby swaddles

Light as air. Superior breathabilty. Pack of three.

The ancient practice of swaddling...

…means snugly wrapping a baby in a thin blanket or sheet.

Done correctly, it may help soothe your baby and reduce excessive crying.

100% organic cotton with designs in non-toxic print.

Bold color designs reflect the ECKnox aesthetic and provide visual stimulation for your baby.

One of “The Best Travel Backpacks”

– FamilyTraveler.com

“Easy to clean, roomy, comfortable to carry, and highly functional, our bags have a style that works for both mom and dad.”

Gavin Lodge, E.C.Knox Founder/Designer/Creator

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8 Ways Childhood in 2020 is not as Fun as the 80’s and 90’s

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Kids say no - and it's a daily chore to choose that battle. But with "no", my youngest cracks me up. At 19 months (a little while ago, now), he said about two-dozen words, including “cha-cha” (chocolate), “eh-fant” (elephant) and “go-go” (yogurt). He calls...

about us

Gavin Lodge (Broadway actor and stylish dad) wanted a slick, masculine diaper bag when he was expecting his first son; a bag stating “I’m proud to be a new dad, but I haven’t lost my sense of style.” Such a bag didn’t exist. So he created it, himself.

After much trial and error, networking and coffee dates.

Often on playgrounds.

could you use a little help?

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